I wouldn't call these "creature comforts" (in fact, I'd put that phrase on my list of dislikes), but here's a bunch of things I consider the little pleasures in life.


Peanut butter.


“Jerry Maguire.”

A great shave.

Perfect stubble (for me: three days).

The first time you look in a mirror after you forgot about your haircut.

Typing fast when you’re “in the zone.”

Dreams that you vividly remember.

Watching kids fail to land tricks on skateboards.

Winning at stuff.

Inadvertently getting a great tan.

House parties.

Laphroaig Quarter-Cask 10-year single malt.

Smooth, very precise pens.

Clean handwriting.


“Paperboy” for NES.



Reading subway maps when I don’t urgently need to be anywhere.


Dopey, clumsy puppies.

Tilt photography.

Jokes overexplained for comic effect.

Restaurants that serve free peanuts and encourage you to throw shells on the floor.

Shredded cheese that’s been melted.


Extremely well-executed niche Halloween costumes.

Eating a few of the best pieces of Halloween candy after a kid goes to sleep.

Duct tape.

New and unwashed black t-shirts.

Steam rooms.

Finishing something (whether it’s a project, a long bike ride, or dinner at Applebee’s).

Oreo McFlurries.

Staying up until the sun rises on weekends.

Wearing a suit.


Clean, white shoes.

Witnessing fender benders.

Art deco design.

National Skyline.

“America’s Funniest Home Videos” when Bob Saget was hosting.

Playing on exercise equipment.

Rollercoasters with no line.

Bowling a strike.

Sinking multiple, consecutive balls in billiards.

Throwing a Frisbee far, and with good form.

Serendipitously being next to the only empty seat on a plane.


Catching a whiff of pipe smoke. Sometimes, cigars too.

Deep, soft mattresses.

Trick candles on a birthday cake. (NEVER gets old!)

Forks with only three tines.

Crisp, unused dollar bills.

Words that begin with the letter ‘s.’

Weighted keys on electronic pianos.